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Ancient Celtic Coin Art

28 29 Crescent motifs are as abundant in coin art as solar wheels and almost certainly represent the moon. Yet, while there are indications of solar gods amongst the Iron Age Celts, there is less evidence for lunar deities. Lugh of the Silver Hand may be one candidate, for he loses and regains his influence like the waxing and waning moon. By its changeable nature the moon signals the passage of time and is often linked with female goddess energy. The horse, symbolising the sun and solar warrior, also represents the sovereignty of the land as a goddess, and wherever it goes the horse leaves signs of the moon as its crescent hoofprints. The goddess of abundance can equally be the withholder of blessings, bringing death, destruction and war to those who displease her, and peaceful mothers can become furies when their offspring are threatened. In Irish records the chief idol in Ireland was Bloody Crescent Crom Cruaich, described as a golden image surrounded by stones, and a pagan chieftain recorded as fiercely opposing St. Patrick was Black Crescent Crom Dubh. Here perhaps, we glimpse a darker aspect of lunar power. THE LuNAR CRESCENT light and dark a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.
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