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Ancient Celtic Coin Art

10 11 Throughout northern Europe, at least from the time of the Bronze Age, the sun was represented by a disc or wheel and associated with the horse and chariot, or with a boat, these vehicles being the means by which the sun spirit moved through the sky. Wheel and horse imagery are often combined in coin art, creating a compound message of success, victory, fertility, and fierceness, and making it an ideal symbol for the power of the tribe and its protecting warriors. Stalks of grain often accompany the image, emphasising the fertility of the land blessed by the power of the sun and rightful sovereignty. In later Celtic literature heroes and warriors often have solar attributes, shining with battle fury or proving invincible during the hours of daylight, and on coins too, riders sometimes have radiant haloes or even seem to be transforming into the sun itself. These images may be of either warriors or gods the deities LuganosLug and BeliBelinus both were linked to light and brightness, whilst Taranis the thunderer is often shown with wheel imagery. The fourarmed cross in a circle later the Christian Celtic Cross, together with the spinning cross fylfot or svastika both represent the round sun travelling in its circular motion around the horizon, and at the same time the earth, its four seasons and the land of the tribe. THE POWER OF THE SuN wheels, boats and chariots a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.
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