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Ancient Celtic Coin Art

4 Dedicated to the men of skill who envisaged and created this Iron Age art of magic and power. Thanks to John Martineau and Tracey Robinson at Wooden Books for all their hard work on the image processing, design and layout of this book. For further reading see the catalogues of Chris Rudd at, with clear photographs of coins and lively commentary from many experts in the field. Contents Introduction 1 Money 2 Heads 4 Tails 6 Watchers 8 The Power of the Sun 10 Hidden Forces 12 The Sacred Enclosure 14 Sacred Trees 16 Guardians of the Tribe 18 Tribal Logos 20 Dragons 22 Spells and Incantations 24 Reversals and Hidden Images 26 The Lunar Crescent 28 Hidden Eyes 30 Signs of the Druids 32 Wands and Sceptres 34 Torcs 36 Big Hair 38 A Menagerie of Power 40 Star Patterns 42 Gods and Goddesses 44 The Long Arm 46 The Art of Trance 48 Conclusion 50 References 52
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