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Ancient British Rock Art

54 55 Across the Channel, the extensive 3000 BC carvings at Gavrinis are particularly interesting in the way that the flowing, abstract designs cover and take account of the shapes of the stones on which they are made. Are these simply decorative patterns or do they contain clues to some ancient forgotten perception It may be that the stones were decorated before being positioned but it is certain that they are intended to create a specific impact on the inside of the cairn and to perform an intended visual function. It is interesting to conjecture as to who the viewer would be as these structures are primarily houses of the dead. Did they possibly have a wider function In the end very little is really known about these important archaic sculpturings. Merely their age. I hope I have conveyed some of their mystery, majesty and beauty in this little book. gAvrInIs Gavrinis Cairn, Morbihan, Brittany Gavrinis, Brittany, FranceChris Mansell
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