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Ancient British Rock Art

46 47 The top two drawings on the page opposite resemble and may indeed represent stars. Below, three flower motifs from the same stone are thought to symbolise suns, solar years, or possibly solar year counts like the 8year Venus cycle. Or they could possibly represent the sun at different times of the day or year. There is an increasing awareness and body of research concerning the employment of astronomical alignments by ancient cultures. Evidence is mounting that many of these early communities used the risings and settings of specific heavenly bodies in an intelligent and informed way. Martin Brennans drawing lower opposite is an excellent example of how some of these elements are combined cups rings, spirals and stars. The diagonal line of cups across the centre seems to suggest a lunar count. The ability to record and apply this kind of information in such an aesthetic manner must have taken great diligence and intelligence. stArs And suns Loughcrew Knowth passage grave, Co. Meath, Eire Stars from Dowth Stars from Knowth Suns from Cairn T, Loughcrew Chamber Roof Slab, near Sess Kilgreen, Co TyroneChris Mansell
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