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Ancient British Rock Art

10 11 It seems strange that the subject of ancient British rock art is so roundly ignored by the contemporary art world. We have to go back over 100 years, to the mid 19th century, before we find the last flurry of interest. In the 1860s a rash of publications appeared with detailed lithographs and drawings of these fascinating forms there were books by G. Tate, Sir J. Y. Simpson and, at the request of the Duke of Northumberland, a large format series of plates based on surveys by J Collingwood Bruce. Popular interest spiked again in the 1880s before going underground in the 20th century. In recent years the hard work and perseverance of Stan Beckensall has generated and maintained an interest in the subject and his considerable work in recording and archiving many carvings will long benefit others. EArLy And ModErn rEsEArch from the 1860s until the present P ro c e ed in g s o f t h e S o c ie ty o f A n t iq u a r ie s o f S co t la n d , E d in bu rg h 1 8 82Chris Mansell
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