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Ancient British Rock Art

4 CONTENTS Introduction 1 The distribution of rock art 4 Roughting Linn 6 Cups and Rings 8 Early and Modern Research 10 Cup Markings 12 Joined Cups 14 Ringed Cups 16 Enclosed Cups and Rectangles 18 The Calderstones 20 Ballygowan Carvings 22 Tails 24 Tailed Cups with Rings 26 Cups, Rings and Ladders 28 Rosette wheels and Complex Drawings 30 Decorated Stones 32 Northumbrian Details 34 Overlapping Rings and Tailed Cups 36 Areas and Edges 38 Styles 40 Spirals 42 Angles 44 Stars and Suns 46 Symbols 48 Irish Megalithic Art 50 Newgrange Passage Tomb 52 Gavrinis 54 Interesting Sites and Locations 56 I would like to dedicate this book to Chuj Akong Rinpoch and would especially like to thank my dear friends Sandra Berwald and John Martineau for their help and support in the production of this small directory of ancient art. For further reading I would like to suggest British Prehistoric Rock Art by Stan Beckensall 1999. Other recommended books are The Carved Rocks on Rombalds Moor by the Ilkley Archaeology Group 1986, Images of Prehistory by Peter Fowler Mick Sharp 1990, Kilmartin by the Royal Commission on the Ancient Historical Monuments of Scotland 1999, The Stars and the Stones Martin Brennan 1983 Illustrations are from James Fergussons Rude Stone Monuments 1872, Llewellynn Jewitts Grave Mounds and their Contents 1870, Sir J.Y.Simpsons Archaic Sculpturings 1867, George Tates Ancient British Sculptured Rocks ... 1865, Algernon, Duke of Northumberlands Incised Markings in Stone 1869, E.T.Cowlings Rombalds Way 1946, and Martin Brennans The Stars and The Stones 1984. The illustration on this page, the previous page and page 3 are all of Loughcrew, Eire. Occasional pictures are by the author.Chris Mansell
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